21 Years in a Flannel Shirt

2012 Hull Politics graduate, work for a Labour MP in Westminster, flit up to West Lancs when possible. Actually 23, but too stubborn to change the URL. Sometimes I make GIFs

You will find a lot of these two here:

Reusing last year’s GIFset because I’m away….

Happy 80th birthday, Jonathan Miller!

Our paths have crossed a baffling amount in the past twelve months, and it has been wonderful and intensely awkward, and he still means the world to me.

Here’s to many more!

History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men.
What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket.
Alan Bennett, “The History Boys” (via brokenhouseshack)


Day 297

The Fringers

They’re all so trendy in picture 2, but absolutely nobody’s clothes fit properly in picture 1.


So I may have just drawn a thing. I’ll put it up on DevArt when I can get my laptop to recognise the scanner again.

I was watching a show about the Holocaust and, as soon as I switched off the third episode, I got on a bus, went up to London…and I must have slaughtered about eighteen thousand before I realized, you know, what I was doing. I thought…fucking television has driven me to this.
Peter Cook (via vital-dust)


"Everything I’ve ever told you’s been a lie, including that."

"Who should I believe?" "Not me, Stanley, believe me.!


Day 295

Some Pete & Dud with a bit of Raquel Welch thrown in

Some old screenshots of Alan Bennett and this partner, Rupert Thomas, at a Women’s Institute do, from a BBC programme celebrating Bennett’s 75th birthday in 2009.