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You will find a lot of these two here:


Almost Eighth: Actors who auditioned, or were considered, for the role of the Eighth Doctor.

Billy Connolly, Peter Cook, Michael Crawford, Liam Cunningham, Tim Curry, Christopher Eccleston, Trevor Eve, Richard Griffiths, Anthony Head, Eric Idle, Robert Lindsay, Mark McGann, Tim McInnerny, Eddie Murphy, Michael Palin, Nathaniel Parker, Jonathan Pryce, Tony Slattery

Woah woah woah….Peter was considered for the eight Doctor? I love him dearly, but he would’ve been abysmal.


Day 310

Moore & Cook

This evening I will be being slightly sad about Peter Cook, if you’re wondering.


John Lydon: ‘Russell Brand’s revolution is idiotic’

I have fallen back in love with John Lydon.

"Groupings like [UKIP] will manipulate people. My advice is always to get smart, read as much as you can and find out who’s using you."


John Cooper Clarke on Busted.


The Sweet Smell of Psychosis (1996) - Will Self.

I would like to like to make one thing clear at the very outset and that is, when you speak of a train robbery, this involved no loss of train, merely what I like to call the contents of the train, which were pilfered. We haven’t lost a train since 1946, I believe it was — the year of the great snows when we mislaid a small one.
Peter Cook (via tincanbeach)